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MVA October 31,2011


MVA October 31,2011

 MVA October 31,2011

 Halloween Fair 2011

 Officer Naughton and Police Explorer Christian Cunnie at the South Shore Community Center Halloween Fair

3A Crash Sept. 28,2011


 3A Crash Sept. 28,2011


 3A Crash Sept. 28,2011

 3A Crash Sept. 28,2011


 K9 Officer Reardon with Erik at Cohasset Day 2011


K9 Officer Reardon and Erik at Cohasset Day 2011

 Irene TV


 Irene 2011

Police Officer Dennis Cunniff and Explorer Dan Pipenbrink look on as a

Channel 5 reporter interviews a resident on Beechwood Street

Dog rescue


Dog Rescue 2011


CHS Law Class at Station

 Sgt. Treanor with Cohasset High School students taking a tour of the station

 CHS Law Class Cruisers


 CHS Law Class 2011

Cohasset High School Law Class 2011

Boat Engine Fire 2011



Officer Dias at the 2011 Cohasset Tri 


Directing traffic during the Cohasset Triathlon 


PPO Harrison Schmidt and Dee Wigmore in the Command Post Cohasset Tri 

PPO Harrison Schmidt and Dee Wigmore in the Command Post Cohasset Tri 

Bike Squad Cohasset Triathlon 2011

Cohasset Police Bike Unit at 2011 Cohasset Tri

(L-R) PO Duffey, PO Bowers, SGT Hunt, PO Williams, PO Dias, and PO Hartnett

Cohasset Police Department


Accident in Downtown Cohasset


Cohasset Police


Cohasset Police


Cohasset Police



Cohasset Police in Action

This is taken on Rte. 3A after a police chase where the suspect fired shots at the State Police. The suspect’s tires were flattened by CPD and he was subsequently captured.

Police Officer Patrick Kenney

Police Officer Patrick Kenney gives a tour of the booking room to Cohasset High students


Cohasset Police 2007 Award Recipients

Cohasset Police 2007 award recipients: (L to R) Lieutenant Detective Gregory Lennon, Police Officer Ed Bagley, Chairman of the Cohasset Board of Selectman Gary Vanderweil, Detective Garrett Hunt, Police Officer John Small, and former Cohasset Police Chief James Hussey

Police Officers on winter motorcycle patrol

Police Officers on winter m/c patrol

Cohasset Police SUV

Cohasset Police SUV with old style paint scheme

Police Officer Lisa Matos, Police Officer James McLean, Retired Sgt. Dick Abbadessa, Retired Police Chief Brian Noonan, and Police Officer Jeff Treanor

Cohasset High School students at Police Headquarters

Sergeant Christy Tarantino and Police Officer Ed Bagley

Cohasset Police cruiser with new paint scheme


Daylong manhunt ends with arrest.(Photo courtesy of Jim Dow)


Suspect about to be transported for booking.(Photo courtesy of Jim Dow)

Aerial View of accident

 Aerial view of accident on 3A

 Accident on 3A

 Officer St. Ives at an Accident on 3A

accident on 3a

 Accident scene on 3A

snow accident

Accident during December Blizzard

Cohasset, Massachusetts