Criminal Investigation Division (CID)

Overview of the Criminal Investigation Division

Mission Statement

The mission of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is to provide the highest quality criminal investigative support to the Cohasset Police Department by conducting timely and thorough criminal investigations using advanced investigative techniques and forensic equipment. Motivated only by a search for the truth, CID detectives will search out and collect all available evidence surrounding each case to exonerate the innocent and substantiate the culpability of the guilty. As professional fact finders, CID detectives will conduct systematic and methodical investigations to determine what findings the evidence supports and will not form conclusions in advance. CID detectives recognize their responsibilities to the community they serve and are committed to investigating all criminal allegations in an ethical and impartial manner with sensitivity toward the needs of victims and witnesses. CID detectives are steadfast in their resolve and will mobilize all available resources to accomplish their mission, despite any obstacles, discouragement, or danger. CID is dedicated to providing superior investigative services to the Cohasset Police Department to preserve the quality of life that our citizens and visitors enjoy.


The Criminal Investigation Division, commonly known as CID, provides professional investigative services to the Town of Cohasset. CID is responsible for the supervision and conduct of all Cohasset Police investigations of serious crimes, less serious crimes upon request or as needed and the conduct sensitive or special interest investigations as directed by the Chief of Police. CID detectives primarily investigate felony-level crime and provide criminal investigative support to the Patrol Division. CID conducts a broad spectrum of criminal investigations to include deaths, sexual assault, armed robbery, burglaries, fraud, computer crimes and counter-drug operations. CID searches out the full facts of a situation, organizes the facts into a logical summary of investigative data, and presents this data to the District Attorney’s Office. CID also provides criminal intelligence and forensic investigative support for the Patrol Division. CID works closely with other local, state, federal, and military law enforcement agencies to counter and investigate the most serious crimes.

Specific functions include:

  • Investigate serious crime - and less serious crimes upon request or as needed
  • Perform drug suppression operations
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate criminal intelligence
  • Liaison with other local, state and Federal investigative agencies/units
  • Liaison with District Attorney, Attorney General, and the United States Attorney's Offices
  • Conduct pre-employment background investigations
  • Conduct missing persons investigations
  • Conduct internal affairs investigations
  • Collect and examine evidence at crime scenes
  • Maintain custody of physical and drug evidence
  • Provide protective services
  • Conduct sensitive or special interest investigations as directed by the Chief of Police

Detective Lieutenant Gregory Lennon is the Commanding Officer of CID. He is responsible to ensure accomplishment of the mission assigned to the division by the Chief of Police and for the conduct of all criminal investigative activity. He ensures compliance with CID investigative policies and standards and is responsible for strategic planning related to investigative services. Detective Lieutenant Lennon is a graduate of the 216th Session of the FBI National Academy. 

Regardless of the type of crimes investigated by CID, its performance has invariably been at or above the standards of its nationwide law enforcement agency peers.

 “Quaere Verum; Seek the Truth”

Cohasset, Massachusetts