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Cohasset Police release audio part of baby hoax call

Created by Cohasset Mariner on 7th September 2011, 4:31 pm

At 11:15 p.m. on Monday (July 25), Cohasset Police received a call on their business line that lasted 20 minutes from a young woman, who claimed to be asking for help because she had just had a baby behind the gas station in the village. The dispatcher kept the caller on the line for 20 minutes as police and firefighters were sent to the town parking lot but could not find anyone. The woman then reported she was lying down in the alleyway beside the gas station. She was moaning in pain but dispatch could not hear a baby crying. She reported that she was sick and the baby was sick. Police continued to search the area for over an hour and called in assistance from the Scituate K-9 unit.

Cohasset Police notified area towns to check their gas station areas and police also called South Shore, Quincy and Jordan hospitals to see if anyone had just given birth.

Police thought the call could be a hoax; but they still checked the tracks and checked all dumpsters and trash receptacles. No woman and baby were located. Police also thought the incident might have been a ruse to tie them up while a crime was taking place. They sent cruisers to check businesses along Route 3A to be sure there was no suspicious activity.

Police have turned the matter over to the detectives who are investigating and are in contact with Verizon about tracing the call. They were unable to trace the call Monday because it came in on the business line. Had it come in on the 9-1-1 line, it could have been traced immediately, police said.

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Cohasset, Massachusetts